Groups from the Past!

Is YOUR group’s photo here?!

Here are 48 photos of groups from the past, all the best ones we could find so far; see if your group is here! Not in chronological order; more to come. Let me know if I have any incorrect dates. I feel very lucky to have known all these wonderful people!

group from the past Morocco textile tour

MOROCCO 2016: Argan tree with goats (above Ali’s head) who eat the nuts.


group from the past in Turkey with Cynthia Samake

TURKEY 2012: BTSA group among the columns of the Athena Temple, Assos-Behramkale.


NORTHEAST INDIA 2016: At the Tawang Nunnery with drivers Daniel, Manoj and Nomo, at left. Littlest nun on my lap.


MEXICO 2010: Final dinner in Oaxaca; with Chloe Sayer in blue/black huipil.


INDIA 2009: To enter a New Delhi mosque, we donned colorful but very modest bag dresses!


Group from the past, travelers to Peru in Lima

Peru 2015: We visited the little-known Museo del Andres Castillo, known more for minerals than ancient artifacts.


TURKEY 2007:  Knitters hit the huge Yarn Market near the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


MEXICO 2013: Visiting the municipal art museum near Oaxaca city, with Chloe Sayer, far right.


MALI 2011: Our Tuareg friend Halis showed us around his Sahara Desert town of Timbuktu; yes, it’s real!


GUATEMALA 2014: We are suited up for the ride across Lake Atitlan to Santiago Atitlan, to see embroidered huipiles.


PERU & BOLIVIA 2005: My super students from University of CA Davis Summer School Abroad ‘World Textiles’ class; Tiwanaku.


TURKEY 2008: Learning how rugs are knotted and woven, in a little carpet shop in Cappadocia.


PERU and BOLIVIA 2006:  Private tour ladies relaxing at lakeside Titicaca hotel.


Relaxed group from the past, long ago in Thailand!

LAOS 2006:  UREP Weaving research group at dinner break by the Mekong.


Athena Temple- Steve Chun

TURKEY 2014: Amidst huge columns of Athena Temple at Assos-Behramkale; guide Zeynep bottom right. (Steve Chun photo)


Gutemala 2015:  Private Tour with Ruth and Miep; at Tikal Nationl Park. We had just seen capuchin monkeys swinging!


TURKEY 2014:  At the UNESCO World Heritage site of Divrigi, beautiful and historical hospital-mosque complex.


TURKEY: Hiking around Cappadocia’s eroded sandstone formations and visiting the beautifully painted cave churches.


MEXICO:  Waiting for the embroiderer to come back so we can see his work! Juchitan. Chloe Sayer, far left.


MOROCCO 2016: Leaving the Marrakech medina for the Majorelle Museum to see the Berber jewelry.


MEXICO 2010: Lunch in Teotitlan del Valle, famous rug weaving town, outside of Oaxaca.


TURKEY: The Muchachas group at the famous and exquisite Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


LAOS 2009: We donated school supplies and met the teachers and girls at a rural elementary school.


TURKEY: We have just spent the night in a village homestay; super guide Fatih and best driver Ahmet at left!


Showing off our beautiful scarves! Turkey

TURKEY 2012: Showing off our hand block-printed scarves in Tokat. Many friends from Alaska on this trip.


INDIA 2013:  Happy with our hand-dyed and tied silk scarves made with the help of a Master Dyer! Bhuj town.


ARGENTINA 2016: Knitters gather at the Estancia; Rebecca and Maria on either side of Cynthia, cooked our fabulous food!

PERU 2006: UC Davis Summer School Abroad camps out in Paucartambo for the Virgin of Carmen Festival.


MALI 2011    Headed out to the mudcloth (bogolan fini) village, to meet the artist, and try mud painting.

INDIA 2017   We’re proud of the cotton scarves we stamped with hand-carved blocks; friend Deepak owns the print studio.

MALI 2012   Celebration during the nighttime part of childhood friend Papou’s wedding festival in Barou’s hometown of Segou.


BOLIVIA 2006   At the Cruz mask-maker studio before heading to Oruro for Carnival; La Paz


GUATEMALA 2016: Dear friend Tomasa with us at a restaurant outside of Patzun. She embroidered my huipil.


ARGENTINA 2016:  Taking a break on our Street Art Tour in Buenos Aires. It’s everywhere and all legal!

Group of women with white masks wait to tour a hat factory in Sucre.

BOLIVIA 2017: We are here to tour the SUCRE Hat Factory, not stage a hold-up! Masks ostensibly will protect us from flying fleece.

GUATEMALA 2014: Leaving the hotel for the airport, to fly to the Tikal Mayan ruins in the jungle.


MOROCCO 2008: Travelers at Volubilis Roman ruins; 32-day private tour. Mali and Ghana were next….


MOROCCO 2017   Camel riding group! We rode and climbed the golden-pink Sahara dunes to see the sun set.


INDIA 2015  Ladies play dress-up in Saris at the Good-bye Party on the Brahmaputra River beach!


INDIA 2017   Checking out the organic cotton fields. The guide sews his own exquisite handspun cotton clothes!


CAMBODIA 2015  Angkor Thom – Ancient Khmer temple with strangler fig roots, and our driver, Sai.


GHANA 2011:  At Jamestown fishing port with guide Mark who showed us the fish varieties and boat building processes.

ARGENTINA 2015  Happy Knitters’ group with Joji Locatelli and Alejandra Pont, and many other great knitters!


Bolivia 2018: We just toured the Sucre Hat Factory.


PERU 2011 Visiting friends on the Urus Islands 2011


INDIA 2011: New Delhi visit to the Qu’tub Minar with great guide Manish.


Cuzco, PERU, 2008: Knitter Nancy J. Thomas, two of my wonderful cousins, and BTSA group.


INDIA 2011: Showing off our hand-tied and dyed silk scarves with the master bandhini artist; Bhuj.

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