Arts and Culture

Uzbek and Kyrgyz Food

On BTSA tours, we will learn about the cuisine as well as the polite Uzbek way of dining. We’ll eat delicious food everywhere, and learn…

How Moroccan Mosaics are Made: The Art of Zellij

The superb craftsmen behind the ancient Moroccan mosaic art of ZELLIJ are known as maallems (or Zellij artisans). They are expert masons, able to employ their painstakingly learnt wisdom and skill to design and create stunning tile work…

Art of Ghana: Hand-Carved Coffins

According to the traditional beliefs of the Ga ethnic group in Ghana, one’s life carries on beyond death. The Kane Kwei workshop in Accra, Ghana, creates special handmade coffins that are believed to ensure a fulfilling afterlife…

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