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Embroidered Randas on Guatemalan Huipiles

Guatemalan women create spectacular weaving and embroidery with colors, motifs and pattern arrangements characteristic of their communities. Stunning embroidery in myriad versions and degrees of complexity adorn their clothing, either in embellished bodices and necklines or decorative joining strips called randas…

Suzani Embroidery from Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is famous for intricate embroidery. The word “suzani” means needlework, but the word is typically used for wall-hangings. Nowadays Uzbek women adorn jackets, pillow covers and purses with finely embroidered designs too…

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Art of Ghana: Hand-Carved Coffins

According to the traditional beliefs of the Ga ethnic group in Ghana, one’s life carries on beyond death. The Kane Kwei workshop in Accra, Ghana, creates special handmade coffins that are believed to ensure a fulfilling afterlife…